Shared language, but oh so different

Since I arrived in Canada back in August, I have been keeping a list of words that differ from the UK. I don’t this is an exhaustive list, but here are the one’s I have noted down.


Tuque – Bobble hat

Runner- Trainers

Track pants – Jogging/tracksuit bottoms

Food and drink related

Orange Pekoe – Normal Bog Standard, cheap as chips tea

Poutine – Gravy and chips with cheese

Homo Milk – Milk that is somewhere between whole and skimmed/skim [see below]

Skim milk –Skimmed milk

Donair kebob – Doner Kebab


Server- Waitress/waiter

Growler- Take out beer

Stove top-hob

Grill- broiler

Mickey – Small bottle of alcohol


Line up -Queue

Fire Hall –Fire station

Closing out sale – Closing down sale

Negative [temperatures]- Minus

Hydro bill- Electricity, because it come from a hydroelectric source [not water bill!]

Flight of beer- Sample of beer

Meet the teacher night/curriculum night- Parents evening

Portable container- Skip

Acetaminophen- Paracetamol

Relator- Estate agent

Flipping- Buying a house to let/sell quickly

Will call – Collect or pick up a concert ticket at the venue

Pylon- Traffic cone

Dish soap- Washing up liquid

Clue [board game]- Cluedo

T.J max – T.K max

Multistory car-park – Parkade

Washrooms – Toilet/Bathroom

Other random terms

Looney – One Dollar coin [due to the bird pictured on the coin]

Tooney – Two Dollar coin

“I got there at about 4pm [or other time] with change” – Arrived a little after/time to spare

Gong show – It went a little crazy


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