Academic Background

I gained my PhD in sociology from Cardiff University in 2013. My PhD thesis looked at the performance of young working-class men’s masculinities in a de-industrialized community in the U.K. I have worked as a researcher and lecturer at various universities in the U.K and I am currently an Associate Lecturer for The Open University and Tutor at Cardiff University. I was also been a Visiting Professor in the Department of Gender, Sexualities and Women’s Studies at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada for the autumn 2015 semester.

In addition to these academic posts I am co-convener of the British Sociological Association education study group and conference stream, and editorial board member for Sociological Research Online; Boyhood Studies, An Interdisciplinary Journal and reviewer for Qualitative Research; Journal of Youth Studies; Families, Relationships and Societies; British Journal of the Sociology of Education; and Gender and Education

Please email me at for a copy of any of my publications listed below.


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Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

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Book Reviews

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